Best friend? Best present. Here’s the guide

You know what your best friend wants, right? Because you know everything about him, of course. Who doesn’t? So, you have the gift for him already.

I’m not saying it’s a bad gift, but isn’t it a little bit boring, if he knows what he gets from you and you know what you will get from him. Well, you can make it awesome again, by surprising your friend with an ultimate gift. Whether you want to give him something personalized or something unique which makes him remember you whatever what, here’s the guide.

1) Prank/Fun Gift

A good laugh for both of you could really make the Christmas. Why don’t you give him something fun

2) Picture of you together

It never gets old, gives him a nice and framed picture of you two together. Just don’t use any usual picture on it, but awesome fun picture where you are both passed out at the party or when you are running from a big scary dog. This makes him always remember the awesome times you two have together.

3) Just anything customizable

Just, fund ideas what can you let custom made. Here are the top ones:

4) A calendar

Okay, this may sound lame, but a calendar can be a perfect gift. Just don’t give it blank, but write important notes in the calendar before giving it. Just add all the important dates like “when we stole that stop sign” anniversary, and “when we slept behind the bar” round 2. This guarantees you are going to have as much fun as this year.

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