TOP10 gift ideas under $20

Spending money on gifts is not for everyone, why can’t we just give simple things which have more emotional value instead.

This is a list of TOP10 presents, which can be bought under $20, no fun or pranks, just a serious list.


1) Mug

Classical gift idea, which never lets you down. Just make sure to choose a mug with an awesome message on it, like “most awesome friend” or “best photographer in the world” or something else personal, which lets them know you notice and are there for them.

2) Calendar

Not just a regular calendar, give them the Happy Calendar, which invites them to do good every day. It’s your chance to make their whole next year full of emotions. Happy Calendar has one simple and easy deed written on every day, which definitely brings a smile on everyone’s face.

3) Socks

Now there are two options, personalized and custom design socks (just 1 paid) or give them something they really need, a lot of socks (20 pairs). So they don’t have to worry about the missing socks anymore. No-one thinks of buying themselves 20 pairs of socks at once, but it really can be useful.

4) Booze

This is just an idea, and we can’t sell it to you. So you have to pop into your local liquor shop and choose a bottle of finest booze by yourself. Or a 24 box of beer. This is especially great present for guys, who love beer. And do you know any guy who doesn’t? Maybe later that might help him to empty the beer box and have a great time together.

5) Book

Even if they don’t love to read, just find an interesting book, which everyone loves. Write a special TO inside and it can be a perfect present. Every time they pick up the book, they will see the note you wrote in it and remember the moment they received it. It has a huge emotional value and can be remembered after years and years.

6) Planner

Do the things, help them plan their time and find time for you also. Cool design and usability are the main words to describe the planners.

7) Personalized gifts

You will be amazed at how many personalized gifts you could get for just $20. A personalized gift can have really big emotional value.

8) Sweets

Just go to the supermarket and get as many candy as possible. Remember when you were a kid, and all you wanted for Christmas was a lot of candy? Well, remind them the time their were kids and fill their Christmas with sweets. No worry, if they get a sugar overdose, then just remind them to make a new year promise of never eat a sugar again.

9) Fun

Okay, there’s just one fun gift idea. Make the christmas amazing by giving them some prank gifts.

10) Watch

Yes, for this price. You definitely can’t et a Rolex, but there are some other options. For example, some chinese watchmakers offers really low prices, and should work for at least a few months. Other option is to get a watch with ultimate discount, for example this amazing watch which won’t let you down.

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